ProArchery 6.1


ProArchery is a game that allows you to shoot like a real Archer.

ProArchery is a game, which allows you to experience Archery almost as if you were out in a field and shooting yourself.It is a challenging game just as Archery is in real life. You can aim the bow, pull the bow string and when the bow string turns red you have your anchor point and are ready to release and shoot. The bow used is similar to the bows used in the Olympics. You can play many rounds. You start at as a Novice on each round but can gain Third, Second and First classifications like in real archery. If you wish at the end of a round, you can submit your score to but only your highest scores will be added. The app records your classifications so you can keep track of the classes you have won and compare your skill with your friends. Have fun and I hope you enjoy this app as I have tried to make it as close to real Archery as possible. I have not seen another Android app that does this to date. The game does require the the orientation sensor to work. Any permissions to reading phone state is solely for the purpose of generating a new unique id for the score board. I just wanted to create a challenging game for all ages to enjoy as I am also a keen Archer. :-)

Last Updated:2015-06-10 13:02:20
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